Why You Should Optimise Your Website?

Getting a well-designed website is only the start. You need people to be able to find it.  With over two billion websites out there, you want to make it easy for potential customers to find your website, and then find the information they are looking for. Your great design, and awesome content, will only convert to sales if it is seen in the first place.

This is where optimisation comes in.

What does website optimisation do?

In simple terms, optimisation means that people, and search engines, will find your website quickly and easily, and you will be able to convert your leads into sales. And the great news is, that if you optimise your website, there is a really good chance that you will be ahead of your competitors!

Website optimisation can mean……

increased traffic to your website = increased brand awareness = increased conversions = increased revenue!

What is optimisation?

It looks at making sure that your website works as quickly as possible, and gives the user a great experience. Optimisation drives traffic to your website. It makes navigation easy once there.  Which means it increases customer conversions. It’s a continuous process but the rewards are worth the effort.

It is often making small tweaks which can work together to have a significant impact.

Optimisation is having the words and links needed to match what people are asking a search engine to look for.

And it makes sure that Google, and other search engines, as well as people, can “read” your website.

Be Readable by Google

Your great website design will make your website content readable by humans but how about being read by Google?  Google can’t understand the context. It only reads the explicit words and HTML elements.

To be found by a search engine, and to appear in a search on the first page, each page of your website must be optimised.

Being found by a search engine - SERPs

We all do it every day. Along with trillions of others. We put a search into Google to find what we need – whether that is a café in Colchester, a dentist in Chelmsford or elephant feed in Cardiff. The result, the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), is what Google decides to show us. The important part is the order in which we are shown possible websites – the ranking. We all want our website to be top of the list, or at least on the first page.

Google decides the order based on a hugely complicated algorithm which we will not bore you with. It can take a lot of work, and time, to get onto page one but website optimisation is what you need to do.

Search Engine Optimisation

Or to bring in another acronym for you, SEO. This is how your website will compete in the very complex algorithm of how the SERPs is ranked. With strong optimisation, you get a better ranking, which improves your chances of converting to a sale.

Appear in multiple search results – optimise every website page

You should optimise each page to appear in different searches. You don’t want your pages to be competing with each other so optimise each page for a different keyword search. For example, if you have a four-page website, you have four goes at ranking in Google searches.

Improve the User Experience

Imagine you enter “the best latte in Essex” into the search engine. A list of websites comes up…. you click on the first coffee shop listed…and there is it! A well-designed website states that not only do they make the best latte in Essex, and a few clicks later you have found out where they are, their opening hours, their price list, and the fact you can take your beloved pooch with you. It’s been so easy, before you know it, you have your coat on, and you are on your way to that latte. Every part of finding the solution to your issue, in this case wanting a first-class latte, has been made easy by optimisation.

Website Optimisation

So put simply, an optimised website will outrank your competitors (who are not optimising), get seen by Google which in turn means seen by potential customers, increase traffic to your website and gives you a great ROI.

Why not drop us a line to see how we can optimise your website to get you the great results your business needs.

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