Why Should You Update Your Website Regularly With Relevant Content?

Once you have your beautiful Popcorn Design website, which has been designed and created to help you achieve your business goals, you must not neglect it! Your website will need to be updated regularly with relevant content to keep it high performing.

What is relevant content?

Relevant means that the content you post on your website needs to be of interest to your market and potential customers. It needs to match your marketing strategy and company business plan.

This could be case studies to showcase a particular problem or need that you solved. A blog explaining your USP. Or a link to a news article or information that your customers would find interesting.

You can target certain words to improve your website being found when someone enters a specific search term, or concentrate on an area of growth for your business. Just keep it relevant to your business, and interesting.

What is a performing website?

A high-performing website will be easily found, have a high number of new, and returning visitors, and encourage visitors to stay.

Adding new relevant content to your website regularly will encourage all these things – resulting in improved brand awareness, increased leads, and increased sales.

Why regularly update your website with relevant content?

Appear higher up the rankings

Google loves it when you update your website. When you update regularly, you will be rewarded with appearing higher up the rankings. This means when someone searches for what you do, you are more likely to appear on the page above your competitors ✅. Your website will also be getting bigger with every blog you post, which again will help your SEO performance, by encouraging people to stay for longer on your website to read the new content ✅. Two wins from Google and search engines that will help more people find your website.

Get repeat visitors

Consistency is key! If people like reading your blogs, then they will keep coming back. But be warned! If you don’t commit to it being a regular update they will look elsewhere – maybe your competitors – to get the information they need. Make it easy for them. Update regularly, to a schedule, and let them know that they can pop on your website to read more of what they love.

Become the expert

By sharing regular updates, useful information and relevant content, you will become known as the expert. This can build trust, and improve sales. The awareness of your brand will improve and with it your reputation as knowing what you are doing.

Increase traffic to your website

When is a blog, not just a blog? When you use it on social media to direct people to your website. Using quotes and short excerpts from your blog gives you great content ideas for your socials, and can send people to your website. You no longer have to try to think of content ideas for your socials – you can use your blogs. Double winner!

Just four reasons why updating your website regularly with relevant content is a great idea. If we can be of any help – just give us a call.

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