Why Do I Need A Website? Won’t A Facebook Page Do?

According to research by Forbes, 71% of businesses have a website. That leaves a massive 39% with NO WEBSITE!  Often the reason we hear is that the company has a Facebook page, which they see as a replacement for a website, or interchangeable with what a website can achieve. THAT IS JUST NOT TRUE!!!

We love Facebook. We love all social media. You can achieve great results as a business through social media but that doesn’t replace the need for a website. You need both.

If you are one of the 39% without a website then we would like you to do two things. First, read this article, and then call us!!


Top Five Reasons for Needing a Company Website

1. Credibility

There is no doubt that a website gives a company credibility and reassures people that the company can be trusted, and is “real”.  A website can provide information in a transparent and easy-to-find way, which allows the potential customer to check them out, before deciding to buy.  A FB page just doesn’t give us the same reassurance – or information.

2. Search Results

When someone searches in Google, your website has more chance of being found versus your Facebook page simply because of how a website can communicate with Google or another search engine.

When someone finds your website, they click on the link and are presented with a well-thought-out, well-designed, engaging page. When they click on your FB account, they see the last post – and comments perhaps – which may or may not be the first impression you want to give.

Put simply, having a website which is SEO-optimised will improve your chances of being found on a FB page.

3. Company Image and Branding

Your website can introduce, enforce and clarify your brand. With a strong website design, you can engage your potential customer, and make it clear what it is they can expect from you.

Your company image and in turn reputation starts with your website. You can stand out from your competitors in a way that a FB page doesn’t afford you.

4. Control

This is a  big one. Your website belongs to you – and you have complete control. Control over how it looks, what it contains, and the data on how it is doing.

How social media works constantly changes. Facebook can decide who sees what adverts, where your posts appear, and what information they provide. You could lose your audience overnight, or not receive the user stats that you have today. You have no control over how you can manage your FB page. With a website, it belongs to you. You can interrogate to see who is looking at your website, how long for, what pages they spend more time on, and how they have found your website. All this information can be used to help you spend your marketing budget in the right place to get the right results for you.

5. Accessibility

Not everyone is on Facebook so depending on who your ideal client is, it may not be the best place to have your only online presence.  In the UK, the largest group on Facebook is 25-34 years old but that still only equates to 25% of the UK population. Less than 25% of people over the age of 44 use Facebook (source Statista).

Any statistic on the usage of social media is only relevant at that time. The global pandemic shifted the usage data, and the emergence of new trends, and the “fashion” all changes where people are. Social Media platforms are fickle. Websites are a constant.

Facebook can seem an easy win. A massive potential audience – but the key word here is “potential”. Just because Facebook has over 1 billion users each month, doesn’t mean that you are putting your business in front of those 1 billion users.  Only those who engage MAY see your posts – and that will depend on what else is happening on their feed, and what the FB algorithm decides.

Our proposal - use the strengths of both Facebook and your Website

You can link your social media to your website. For those who find your website first, or prefer a website, they can still see you are on Facebook, and see your photos/videos/posts from your website.

Every business needs a website and social media. Maximise your digital presence and your potential audience, and use both for what they are intended for.

Ready to get started on your website?

If you want to improve your credibility, increase your exposure to a wider market, and get more control of your marketing spend, then give us a call. We would love to discuss how we can give you the website that you need.

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