What Should Be Included In A Website Brief?

You have decided that you need a new website, and have decided that Popcorn Web Design is THE perfect website designer for you.  So what next?

 Why bother creating a website brief?


We’ll work with you to identify your requirements but unfortunately, we are not mind-readers or psychics. We do need a website brief from you to make sure that we create what you need, and want.  This will detail what you envision, gives us key information, and make sure that we design your dream website.

If you have no idea where to start, never fear! Once you decide to work with us, we will help you put a brief together and work with you to tease out what you imagine your website will look like.

However, often the brief is used to help you decide what web design company you will work with.  It can be used to obtain competitive quotes – giving you confidence that you are comparing the same output, before deciding which web designer to work with.

The brief can help you to organise your thoughts, and get the team to bring their ideas together.

And it will smooth out the design process. This can keep costs down, and have a positive impact on timescales and quality.

Balancing the detail

Some website briefs give a general overview, whilst others can describe in great detail the specific buttons, functionality and layout.  There is no standard or template. You want your web designer to be allowed creative freedom and use their expertise, but you want to end up with the website you need.

Here are our top six details we love for our clients to include in their website briefs:


  • What is it you want your website to do? Educate, sell, redirect, showcase your work – all of them?
  • Is this a replacement/update, or your first website?
  • Does the website need to integrate with any other existing systems?
  • What is the goal of the website?
  • Are there specific legal requirements to be adhered to?



  • Is there a specific date for starting the website?
  • Is there a specific deadline for completing the website?

Project Budget

  • Having an open discussion about the budget from the start will help set expectations, and may influence key decisions initially.
  • Has the budget considered hosting, maintenance and support, and updates? Do you require those services?

Company Information

  • All the obvious would be included – name, location, contact details, key people who need to be identified on the website and so on. Some company history can add context.
  • We want to know about your brand – do you have a style guide? A logo? Colour palette?
  • What about your values? Your mission statement? Or perhaps your USP?
  • Who will be using your website, and how will they find it?
  • Market information such as customer profiles, competitor profiles and any changes that are expected in the market.

Design Prerequisites

  • Do you have a current website? What works and doesn’t work for you at the moment?
  • Are you aware of websites that inspire you? These could be from any sector or industry but will help explain the look and functionality of what you are envisioning.
  • What functionality are you looking for? How do you want people to interact with your website?
  • Will you be taking payments from your website – and is there an agreed partner for payment already?

Content Requirements

  • Who will provide the content? Would you like Popcorn Web Design to produce the content, or do you produce that in-house or through a third party?
  • What content needs to be included – this needs to be specific.
  • How will content be kept up to date and refreshed?
  • Do you have images all ready to use? Would you like us to arrange image production as part of the design or are you happy with stock images?
  • Is the website multi-lingual? A factor which can be important even in a domestic market.

Are you ready to write your website brief?

Even if you are not looking for competitive quotes, having a website brief will ensure the project runs smoothly and on budget, giving you the result you want.  It can focus your thinking, and help you work out what it is you want too!!

If we can be of any help – just give us a call.

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