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Yogi Banker.

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Yogi Banker
Yogi Banker
Yogi Banker
Yogi Banker

project disciplines.

  • Bespoke website design
  • Responsive layouts
  • Content management
  • SEO Strategy

Scott Robinson, (aka the "Yogibanker") is a (200 RYT) qualified yoga teacher and all around Wellness expert. Scott also writes regularly, having been featured in Balance, Huffington Post, City Matters and Square Mile.

The brief

The client already had an existing website, built elsewhere, but based on an ‘Off the shelf’ WordPress template. The website relied on a multitude of third party plugins to operate which made the website very slow to load. This caused his search engine rankings to drop and therefore potentially losing business.

The brief was to rebuild his site from scratch in a clean modern design but ensure it was fast to load but still in WordPress as that was his preferred choice of CMS.

The solution

We analysed the problems with the existing site then planned a new content strategy with the client to ensure a seamless integration with the new improved site. By choosing our bespoke design and development service we had full creative control without the limitations of a ‘template’. The end result is a website that looks and works incredibly well across desktop and mobile platforms.