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project disciplines.

  • Bespoke user interface design
  • Bespoke design for front end
  • Modern full screen banners
  • Responsive layouts
  • Content management
  • Affiliate linking

wishLockr is a new and exciting business venture unique to the marketplace. The goal is to create a website with the facility for users to be able to plan for the future as one thing in life is certain: at some point, it'll end. Hopefully that’s decades away, but occasionally the unexpected can happen.

The brief

To create a tailor made website with a bespoke design giving users the ability to create user profiles that capture all their special moments including photos of cherished memories, life events, past and present in pictures and words. List your all-time favourite songs, plan your bucket list, document how to access financial information. Then provide the ability to nominate certain family and friends to access this information securely to plan your life celebration. The website is free for all users so to help with funding it needed to interact with affiliates to generate commission.

The solution

As this was a unique concept the client had an idea of how they wanted the website to look and work, but as this was a unique concept they required our assistance to help create a workable solution. By choosing our bespoke design and development services we were able to build it how the client envisioned whilst taking the concept and improving upon it with our experience.

We had to plan everything from the ground up, identifying the user journey process and the various steps required from start to finish. We created a functional specification outlining this process along with wireframes and a mood board to ensure the client was happy with our suggestions for both functionality and intended design.

The website is responsive, designed to be bright, colourful and easy to use, whether you’re looking at it on a tablet, computer or phone it has the desired effect.