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TouristNet UK.

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TouristNet UK
TouristNet UK
TouristNet UK
TouristNet UK

project disciplines.

  • Bespoke design
  • Bespoke development
  • Custom admin interface
  • Responsive layouts
  • Content management

Founded in 1997, the TouristNet UK website has firmly established itself as one of the most comprehensive online directories for UK travel and tourism providing a wide choice of accommodation and activity options that attract a wide variety of customers.

The brief

The previous site, although historically very successful was showing its age both in terms of design and functionality. The old site was complicated for users to reach the relevant adverts and was leading to a lack of sales enquiries. The brief was to bring the website up to date, by improving usability and providing the best platform to encourage both existing and new customers to advertise on the website.

The solution

It was imperative to improve the user’s journey to ensure customers could easily reach the information they require. We worked closely with the client planning a better strategy for this. We integrated Google maps to allow for a more dynamic experience across the website and at the same time, built in a custom search facility which provides very accurate search results. By choosing our bespoke design and development services we were able to build the new site exactly how the client envisioned, whilst taking the concept and improving upon it with our experience.

The website is responsive, designed to be bright, colourful and easy to use, whether you’re looking at it on a tablet, computer or phone it has the desired effect.