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The Health Concierge.

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The Health Concierge
The Health Concierge
The Health Concierge

project disciplines.

  • Leading edge website design
  • Responsive build
  • Blog
  • Content management system

The Health Concierge has been founded by Dr Errol Richardson and Dr Nick Buckley with the aim to translate cutting-edge research into real-world health solutions. The Health Concierge method is a truly integrated wellness system, which draws inspiration from ancient wisdom. Utilising state-of-the-art anti-aging technologies and advanced genetic, hormonal and nutritional analysis to deliver outstanding wellness programmes.

the brief

They wanted a one-page design that was modern with good use of images and text. It also needed to be responsive.

the solution

The website is a simple one-page design, this was chosen so it works incredible well when opened on a tablet or a phone. It is a responsive so it will all resize to get the desired effect on any device. The use of the full width photography portrays the image of fitness, strength and health they intended.