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Reme Shop.

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Reme Shop

project disciplines.

  • Web Design
  • Ecommerce
  • PHP Intergration
  • EPOS


The Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers online shop.

the brief

To create an e-commerce site for the UK Army Regiment REME (Royal electrical mechanical engineers). The site needed to be implemented with a third party software house and allow orders to be taken across the globe. The software retrieves data and updates the REME’s internal Electronic Point of sale (epos) system, passing order details back when sales are completed online. The EPOS system sits behind the Army firewall so needed to be very secure and bullet proof.

the solution

Popcorn were chosen as the preferred agency for REME Corps who are part of the British Army. We were commissioned to integrate a full e-commerce solution with their bespoke in-house EPOS (Electronic Point Of Sale) system. All transactions carried out online integrates seamlessly with the system collecting product information, prices, quantities and displaying these on the e-commerce store, all orders are then passed back to the EPOS system updating sales records and consolidating orders across the REME Corps. We have also been commissioned to create new websites for their Museum and Association.