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project disciplines.

  • Wed design
  • Responsive
  • Blog
  • Content Managed System

This is a gaming channel dedicated to showcase the best gaming videos submitted by video game enthusiasts. Any game. Any platform. It attracts over 50,000 visitors each day and displays millions of YouTube clips, all submitted by its user base. This then generates revenue.

the brief

Produce a website they can upload a range of videos and show them on all mobile devices.

the solution

This is a business that we haven’t come across before and it has been great to watch it become increasingly popular. It is aimed at gamers of all ages, we have kept the design and colour scheme basic, the colour that is on the site has been injected via the links which are eye catching. To maintain a social media presence we have incorporated the latest blog entries, tweets and articles onto the homepage. It is content managed as Gamesprout is constantly changing and updating its videos, playlists, etc.