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project disciplines.

  • Bespoke user interface design
  • Bespoke development
  • Responsive layouts
  • Content management
  • SEO Strategy

There are many Payday loan services available online, however, Cashoot are the first company to launch an online buyback service for mobile phones and tablet devices. The benefits of Buyback vs Payday loan are:- 100% acceptance rate, No credit checks, No automatic repayments. Cashoot are primarily focusing this service in and around the London area, with the intension to expand nationwide.

The brief

The build a website that could facilitate the complex nature of buyback services online whilst at the same time offering a simple user experience. The client needed the ability to manage the products available for buyback as well as the different stores and agents the user could take their devices to be checked and validated.

The solution

As this was a unique business venture there was a lot of planning from both Popcorn and the client to identify the best approach. We had to plan everything from the ground up, identifying the user journey process and the various steps required from start to finish. We then created a functional specification outlining this process along with wireframes and a mood board to ensure the client was happy with our suggestions for both functionality and intended design. . By choosing our bespoke design and development services we were able to build the website exactly to the intended specifications. The end result is a website that works incredibly well across desktop and mobile platforms.


"It's been very professional and easy working with you guys"