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Baroosh - Chain of 10 pubs.

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project disciplines.

  • Bespoke Web Design
  • Mobile Website
  • CMS
  • Printed Menu Design


Baroosh is an over 21st venue offering drinks and food with friendly table service. Baroosh comes falls under the McMullens chain of venues with a unique styling and atmosphere.

the brief

To update the website to reflect the refurbishments carnied out in existing bars in addition to new locations. The design had to be sleek and stylish and sit well with a number of different location styles.


the solution

We created desktop and mobile versions of the website within which sat capsule websites for each destination. The styling was simple to showcase the fantastic array of photography that had been professionally commissioned for the project.

As part of the project we were able to roll out the new style look and updated the menu designs in all locations.

We are currently working with McMullens on the design of their Chicken and Grill Pubs website and look forward to working with them on future projects.