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How to drive traffic to your website

As a web agency, we would love to say having a website that reflects your brand and values, should be all you need. But, that would be a lie. You need to shout about it and drive traffic to it continuously.

So, how do you increase the traffic? There are loads of methods from using traditional pr agencies, guest blogging, attending conferences or hosting webinars but these are all time consuming and not achievable for every business. Below we have looked at the five methods we use.


This is an effective way of ensuring visitors return to your website. If the content is specific, valuable, insightful and most importantly updated regularly, users will return to read your latest posts.

Review the analytics

Analytics can be used to both review the success of a blog and plan for the next. It will highlight:

  • which posts are most successful
  • which topics people want to know about
  • identify if copy or info graphics are more popular
  • the perfect length of the article
  • number of likes or shares

Google analytics displays all the data you need to encourage the visitor to return.


Social media

Social media can be a powerful way of driving traffic to your website.  Below are a few tips.

  • Promote what you have on your website. Once you’ve spent the time writing content you want people to know about it, if you regularly blog or add case study’s shout about them via social media.
  • Using the accounts analytics, target your posts when your audience is active.
  • Identify the accounts most appropriate for your business, i.e. if your content is image-based then Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest would be more suitable as Twitter is aimed at short statements.
  • Highlight and optimize your call to actions. Research and identify the ones that are most effective to your audience and business, these could be Buy now, Read more, Click here, etc.
How to drive traffic to your website.

Organic SEO

This is a simple, effective way to increase your page rankings and encourage your target market to your website. By ensuring page titles, meta descriptions, image alt tags and the article wording are relevant and accurate you should see a rise in traffic.

Paid advertising

There are various forms of paid advertising, the most common being Pay Per Click, Google AdWords, sponsored ads and Facebook adverts. By using the insight and research tools available on each platform you can target the adverts and drive users to the website.

How to drive traffic to your website.

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