A Free Website Audit Review Service by Popcorn

Would you like an independent Free of charge SEO and performance audit review on your website?

We’d love to offer you a FREE website audit and search engine optimisation SEO review. We’ll compare your website against the latest Google Standards and check out what’s working, what’s not and give you our top tips to correct any issues. Overall this audit of your site will produce a report containing a bank of 50 test results to give your website an overall percentage score.

We will report on your keyword rankings in Google and Bing, the number of backlinks (sites linking to you), visitor numbers, what they look at and where they came from (Analytics), your most popular top website pages, etc.

Please note, to audit review your site security and any missing updates to plugins we would need login access to the web admin backend.

Your Free Website Audit Includes;

  • Checks for broken internal and external links and broken image links
  • Checks for any broken or missing images and their SEO Meta Tags descriptions, Alt tags, etc
  • Slow loading speed issues with loading times on mobile and desktop
  • Review of WordPress site security and third-party plugins (we would need to login to your admin panel)
  • Checks for missing or duplicated issues with Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, H1 Tags, etc
  • Duplicated content problems
  • Overall Audit Score as a percentage against Google’s latest build standards.

The website audit results report will tell you how your website is performing in Google, how many people are searching for your services, how many other sites link to you, and what is broken.

If you can provide us with search terms that potential customers may use to find your services (or products) then we can run a Free Rankings SEO Audit which will show where your site is found in Google for each term (Google Rankings or SERPS). We can then compare this to your competitor!

We know digital marketing can be a challenge, so we’ve created a gift-wrapped package of services, delivered in-house, to make sure you’re at the top of your game and ahead of the competition. The website audit service is part of this service and run on a monthly basis.

These full website audit reports are run monthly for our clients so that we can monitor rankings and the overall audit scores as new pages and posts are created.

For your FREE Website Audit / Performance & SEO Audit just email me and ask for a Free Website Audit at fintan@popcornwebdesign.co.uk or ring me on 01279 812 229.

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