Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2019

Each new year presents an array of web design trends to look out for, and 2019 is set to be an influential one.

Featuring a number of forward-thinking updates, the web design trends of 2019 will ensure websites are both future-proofed and easily accessible for multi-platform users.

This year, you can expect to see three main web design themes: usability, UX (user experience) and aesthetic updates.

From mobile-first indexing to interactive video backgrounds, each trend has the power to increase website clicks, conversion rate and guarantee a great business year.

Read on to find out our predictions for the top 10 web design trends of 2019.

1. Micro-Interactions and Animations

This year, animation will begin to appear in a smaller dimension, known as micro-interactions or micro-animations. These animations serve one purpose: to engage and delight the user. Alongside this, they also function as page guides, giving website users visual clues and making important information stand out more clearly.

While they are very small (hence the name), micro-animations have the power to provide a better overall user experience for website visitors. Used correctly, micro-animations make it possible to visually explain a lot more to the user - which is ideal, considering humans process visual information 60,000 times faster than plain text.

Micro-interactions and animations include:

  • Hover and scrolling animations
  • Scroll triggered effects and illustrations
  • Interactive, animated infographics
  • Small menu interaction

These micro-animations can be very effective indeed, particularly when used to help visitors engage and navigate sites. However, they should never distract or frustrate the user's journey, just simply enhance it.

Examples of micro-animations: