6. Video Backgrounds

Video backgrounds are a great way to immediately engage website users with your homepage. In recent years, video headers have been largely popular, but in 2019 you can expect to see full video backgrounds.

Users love being immersed into interactive experiences and video backgrounds have been shown to increase conversions as well as time spent on page.

Video headers are also a great flexible design feature, which, when used in full-screen, can act as an eye-catching dynamic background.

Important things to note:

  • Videos can decrease site speed, so, to ensure your site loads fast, opt for a short video clip with a file size no larger than 6 MB.
  • Be unique - original videos are always best. While stock videos are easy to source, original videos make your business appear far more authentic, which is key to gaining customers.
  • Keep website background videos on mute. For video footage that has sound, leave the option for visitors to turn sound on, rather than the other way around. There’s nothing worse than the shock of a sound you can’t turn off when entering a website.

Examples of video backgrounds: