.UK domain names

.UK domain names

If you have registered a .CO.UK domain before October 2013, Nominet are allowing you to activate the .UK domain for free but only until June 2019.

Activating the .UK domain has a number of different benefits towards driving more traffic to your website, you can add a redirect to your main website for users who have typed in the wrong extension, it will prevent any of your competitors being able to register the domain, it also shows you're a UK based company and is a shorter domain name.

If you do not reserved the domain before June, this will then go on the open market for anyone to purchase.

What to do if you have an account with a registrar:

If you hold the .CO.UK domain in your account you will be able to active the .UK yourself.

What to do if you don't have an account in your name:

You should contact the company who hold the domain for you, this could be your hosting provider, SEO agency or Web agency for example and ask them to active the domain name for you.

How we can help:

To increase your web presence further we can create a simple landing page or a micro site aimed at capturing potential clients.