The Bear and The Hare will Make Loose Change Rare

The Bear and The Hare will Make Loose Change Rare

Wow! What an advert! A few weeks ago, when I was eating my (very healthy) granola and yoghurt breakfast, I noticed a friend on Facebook had shared the new John Lewis Christmas Advert for 2013. As soon as I saw this I instantly had to watch it, as I always fall head over heels in love with their Christmas campaigns.

Who remembers the 2011 advert about the little boy who understood the real Christmas spirit? I was at university at the time, and I distinctly remember how excited everybody was about the advert. Admittedly I was surrounded by a lot of creative people, some of whom will go on to have careers in marketing themselves, but nevertheless it introduced a new genre of conversation – one that wasn’t about the next drinkathon or social event on the calendar!

So back to ‘The Bear and the Hare’, this TV advert made a debut on Saturday 9th November on ITV, and I can almost guarantee that John Lewis will have had a very happy few weeks! To summarise, the advert is a beautifully animated short film that tells the story of a bear that had never seen Christmas. Sadly the bear goes in to hibernation for a long period of time, and his friend (the hare) is worried that he’ll miss out on the joy of Christmas. The marketing strategy is magically subliminal. The only John Lewis product shown is an alarm clock which is used to wake the bear, just in time for Christmas. The accompanying music is Keane’s ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ sung by Lily Allen which beautifully compliments the visual attributes; a real heart warmer!

You may be thinking, “But what benefit can this have on John Lewis’ Christmas sales?”
Fear not, there’s a strategy! Consumers can buy cuddly toys of the bear and the hare in-store; there is a themed online Christmas card builder and an interactive e-book with games and more for the children! What strikes me the most about all of these features is that there is a constant focus on brand identity and theming, but towards the tale and creating hype about the story itself, rather than John Lewis as a retail entity. Due to company’s high reputation, the advert can focus on spreading the Christmas spirit which will entice customers to their store.

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