Talking to your target market

Talking to your target market

How do people find your website? Where do they come from and how do you get them to come back?

These may seem like tough questions, but there are straightforward answers that anyone can apply.

The first step is to install analytics on your website, this will tell you where your visitors come from and how they found you. This might be from a mention on someone else's site, from a social media link on Twitter or Facebook or a blog.

So now you know how people find you, how can you get them to come back? Some sites simply suggest that visitors sign up for their newsletter, but it's much more effective to offer a useful piece of information to persuade people to give you their email contact details. If you have no idea what this might be consider:

  • A set of useful tips relating to your industry that anyone can use
  • A 'how to' process explaining a step-by-step process to the reader
  • A report or white paper on a subject of interest to your target audience
  • An ebook that provides useful information around your subject area

Once you have people's contact information you have the opportunity to keep in touch with them - but don't spam them. Always provide information of value to build your relationship with them.