Social Media — the Grinch that stole my social life!

Social Media — the Grinch that stole my social life!

Social Media may be something that makes your stomach churn, takes over yours or your children’s lives, causes arguments at the dinner table etc…but it’s not really so bad! Social Media can actually be a great benefit for your company. We know that this may sound daunting but don’t worry we are here to support you every step of the way! Popcorn Web Design can guide you through your company’s social media branding, email marketing, newsletters, digital advertising and enhance your online presence considerably. For example, our social media branding package can include profile pics, targeted advertising and cover images that will promote your company to its full potential.

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are just a few examples amid the variety of Social Media channels that are available. Some digital marketing channels are better suited for certain types of businesses than others and sometimes the channels used are not what you would expect. Take ‘Instagram’ for example, you may associate it with people posting 'selfies', what they ate for lunch, a new purchase and things like that. Without a doubt the latter are popular uses, but Instagram can also have a key role within your business’ marketing campaign strategy. Companies like 'Tiffany & Co', the luxury jewellers, are currently posting on Instagram an illustrative festive countdown, containing photographs of products available for Christmas. Not everybody wants to be reading articles (like this!) all of the time, sometimes pictures do the trick!

This is all very well, but you may still be thinking, how can I make this tool effective for my business?

So here are our suggestions depicted through a playful ode that hopefully will send your business down a successful road:

Your images should always be informative and fun
Whether that be colour or concept, something that’ll stun
Alas let us tell you the options don’t stop there
As Instagram allows video to give you a flare.

If you go liking lots of other people’s stuff
Whether that be photographer, chef or avid film buff
Hopefully they will return the same favour for you
So please don’t give up networking whatever you do

Hash tags are crucial to include in your post Perhaps try something simple like #cinnamon #toast
So when users go searching for images of food/
Yours could be one of the images viewed

Please note your business need not be foodie at all
It could be a colleague’s chocolate cake making you drool
Behind the scenes footage could be a tool to inspire
If people like what they see it could be your business they hire
So to stop the Grinch from ruining your Christmas as well as the whole of Whoville’s, please contact us today at or for more information please go to