Popcorn Attends The RHS Chelsea Flower Show and Spots Some Business Similarities

Popcorn Attends The RHS Chelsea Flower Show and Spots Some Business Similarities

All work and no play doesn’t exactly create the working environment individuals jump out of bed for in the morning. Which is why, last month, a colleague and I got the opportunity to attend the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Growing up, I had watched all the weekday programmes leading up to the event, along with the main day show - albeit through no choice of my own. However, it’s an event I hadn’t physically been to before, so I couldn’t wait to go!

The Main Event

The Show Gardens, urban and Artisan gardens are the main event at the Chelsea Flower Show, each exhibiting exceptional garden design. Alongside this, there’s the famous Great Pavilion, packed with magnificent displays created by renowned plant growers and nurseries. And, to top it all off, there’s also an abundance of merchandise on offer, from gardening equipment and furniture to jewellery, clothing, arts and crafts.

After a long day observing everything the Chelsea Flower Show had to offer (and enjoying a glass of fizz or two with our clients), I realised just how much talent, experience and hard work goes into creating such masterpieces - and, all for a three-day event.

Hard Work and Planning

The Chelsea Flower Show consumes the year of the exhibitors. From the initial designs and final approval to sourcing the materials (plants, trees, furniture, lighting, water), organising marketing collateral and attending press days, there's plenty to do!

And, this is all before building the exhibition, which happens just two weeks before the event. In 14 days, exhibitors must carry out the excavation of the display to produce the final piece: a garden design that was thought up over a year ago.

The Best of the Best

I’ve noticed a lot of similarities between the exhibitors at the Chelsea Flower Show and businesses - especially smaller ones like Popcorn. The planning, coordinating, and hard work that goes on behind the scenes offers a great reflection of how we work.

At Popcorn, we are continuously planning and developing our skills, services, user experience and customer care. We implement changes and experience success all while trying to stay ahead of the competition and aligned with current trends and business demands.

However, as hard as it can be, to be able to create a brand and business that others want to be associated with is definitely worth the stress; which is why Popcorn will continue to develop and exceed our clients' expectations. Our aim is to be the best of the best - similar to the exhibitors at this year's Chelsea Flower Show.