New Year, New Leaf

New Year, New Leaf

We understand how difficult it can be to come up with New Year's resolutions, (and they are even harder to keep!) so we thought we'd help by coming up with one we can help you with... give your company's marketing strategy a makeover!

  • Say hello to the Mobile Web!
  • Did you know in 2013 one of the biggest paradigm shifts was the change in browser popularity from desktop to mobile? 2014 is expected to follow this trend; web surfers preferring to use smaller, slicker smartphones and tablets rather than colossal computers!

    So how can we help your business adapt to this change?

    -At Popcorn we believe in creating responsive website design and advertising. Every device that your website or digital promotional material is displayed on should optimize both the user experience and your business' identity to its fullest potential. Whether you are browsing a website from a mobile device or from a large monitor screen, the visual impact should be equally stunning.

    -Ensuring that local search optimization is put into place is another factor we can help with. Customers are regularly using their mobiles to search for businesses in their local area, so we can support you in making sure that your business appears at the top of their list; through citations, local offers, pages and keywords.

    • If websites were flowers, make the Internet surfers pick you!

    At a time where the web is increasingly popular; online shopping, researching and social media being a few widespread examples, it is becoming more crucial than ever to ensure that your website stands out from the crowd.

    How can we help you achieve this?

    -At Popcorn we understand the importance of focusing on the basics of web design, such as user experience. Surfers like to see a clean, regularly updated website that is easy for them to navigate. What they don't want to do is struggle using the website; nor do they want to repetitively see the same content displayed over and over again! If you choose Popcorn to build or update your website we will ensure there is a balance between design and functionality and as part of our marketing service, can assist you in writing website copy.

    - You know the saying 'quality over quantity', this goes for website content updating too. Nowadays, there are so many people out there on the web who are writing articles on a daily basis, hoping that they will go viral and sadly they don't. Sound familiar? Don't worry we've all been there! In order to fully engage your customers, the content needs to be more exciting and more interesting than ever! Perseverance is also key!

    - Have you got a website blog?

    According to statistics from in 2013:

    70% of consumers learn more about a company through articles than through adverts!

    67% of B2B marketers that blog, have 67% more leads than those that don't.

    We know that this may sound daunting, if you don't have a blog or a great online presence at the moment, but fear not we at Popcorn Web Design are here to support you every step of the way. We can advise and guide you through not only your company's blog but also email marketing, newsletters (like this one!) digital advertising and enhance your online presence considerably.

    • Become best friends with Social Media!

    Social Media, whether we like it or not, is becoming part of the daily routine, so it is time that we all embrace it for its positive marketing attributes!

    If you think about the vast amount of time people spend every day on social media networks, if a only a fraction of this time could be converted into looking at your company's advertising within these online networking sites, it would greatly benefit your company.

    Popcorn offers a number of social media packages to help market your business. Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are only a few of the networking sites that are available. For example, our social media branding package can include profile pics, targeted advertising and cover images that will promote your company to its full potential.

    If you choose to invest in our Social Media services, we will try our upmost to heighten your social media marketing platform to its full potential. Whether you require a complete overhaul on your brand identity, or simply seek advice and discussion about your digital marketing direction, we are very happy to help. After all, Social Media is very much here to stay, so if we can't beat it we might as well join it!

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