Facebook as a marketing tool

But it's a social network for kids!? - or is it?

Today the biggest organisations have a Facebook page where they interact with their customers; e.g. Argos, Mars and Virgin. A Facebook page can be a mini-website. If you want to know what your customers (and potential customers) want, Facebook is a great way to talk to them - especially if your market is small businesses and individuals.

A Facebook page gives you presence - and it's much better to be visible than to be missing in action. The new timeline approach on Facebook allows you to show events and achievements over a period of time - all fuelling your reputation. You can create a squeeze page where people get access by providing their email contact (and you might want to add value by giving them a free gift for doing so). In addition Facebook is a great platform for competitions, polls, newsletters and special offers. It's great for customer service and reputation enhancement, but it doesn't manage itself, you will need to make a commitment to keeping it up to date. If you're not using Facebook's potential, your competitors could be getting a step ahead.