Client case study - VIO

Vio - Client profile:

For around a decade, Vio has supplied ad agencies, production companies, and media owners with advertising workflow tools and services to help them to reduce costs and become more productive. In partnership with AdMonsters, the company wanted to develop a new central creative resource that would provide critical specification details for advertising through online publishers. Vio Worldwide announced the creation of the Online Creative Portal (OCP), which would enable ad agencies to perform real-time creative planning, testing and submission and so reduce the cost of planning and delivering Internet advertising campaigns.

Popcorn delivers:

In order to complete the development work on the OCP as quickly as possible, Vio turned to Popcorn, which had carried out work on other web-interfaced applications for the company previously. Popcorn worked closely with Vio in scoping this all-new project and defining its requirements. Even so, the project actually evolved considerably during development and its capabilities needed to respond accordingly. The browser-based OCP application was built from scratch, including branding and interface design. During beta testing of the OCP, Popcorn will provide first-line support. Once the OCP is online, Popcorn will provide second-line support for 11 months to Vio itself. The OCP was made public on September 25th 2007.