Client case study - Sport Beans

Sport Beans - Client profile:

The UK importer of world-famous Jelly Belly jelly beans already had a Popcorn-created website. Following a successful launch in the USA, the importer was looking to test market a new range of jelly beans - Sport Beans - in the UK. Sport Beans contain a nutritional mix aimed at providing easily-digested rapid energy, electrolyte and vitamin replacement during exercise. The aim of the UK site was to promote awareness of and interest in Sport Beans, to encourage retailers to stock them and create an online community for sports people.

Popcorn delivers:

The UK Sport Beans website successfully meets the design objectives with strong visuals that create a real sense of explosive energy, while conveying the nutritional benefits of the beans. For the Sport Beans community, the site enables athletes to present themselves online, together with event news, dates, results, photo galleries and more. Content submission by athletes can be moderated through the content management system and there is also a press room for the latest news and announcements, such as profiles of the professional athletes being sponsored by the Sport Beans brand. The success of the Sport Beans website has already given rise to a spin-off site that will be dedicated to a cycling team sponsored by Sport Beans.