On the tenth day of Christmas

On the tenth day of Christmas

"On the tenth day of Christmas,
My true love sent to me,
A charming voucher story,
A story about a lost toy,
The Oscars new look,
WestJet's Christmas video,
A range of homepage designs,
2014's web design extinctions,
2013's most talked about Facebook Topics,
An ode on Christmas adverts,
A cap on children's spending,
And a Christmas card of a celebrity family"

Who knew that supermarket coupons could be so charming?

Jordan Cox took coupon collecting to the extreme,
Collecting 470 coupons – a retailer marketer’s dream,
He went to Tesco, armed with his coupons,
None of which were those of Groupon’s,

From the amount he had collected, he was able to spend,
A staggering £572.16, only costing 4p in the end,
For three trolleys worth of household items and food,
Which he gave to needy families - what a way to conclude.

According to the Metro, Jordan had heard that several families across the UK would be struggling to provide food for their families over the Christmas period this year, so wanted to do something to help. The inspirational teenager didn’t like what he saw, so decided to take action. Well done Jordan!

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