On the seventh day of Christmas

On the seventh day of Christmas

"On the seventh day of Christmas,
My true love sent to me,
WestJet's Christmas video,
A range of homepage designs,
2014's web design extinctions,
2013's most talked about Facebook Topics,
An ode on Christmas adverts,
A cap on children's spending,
And a Christmas card of a celebrity family"

Who's seen the Canadian Air Line WestJet's Christmas video campaign?

On Saturday morning, as I was sat with a hot cuppa with my family, browsing the news and social media sites, I suddenly remembered that I had been sent a link to the video. Earlier last week I had seen friends writing posts about this on Facebook, which did interest me but stubbornly I ignored. For some reason, I seem to fear videos that are posted on Facebook, considering them to be big angry viruses that are out to get me. I'm only of this opinion as I've been attacked by the virus once before in the past. Silly I know.

Anyway I'm digressing. As a friend had directly sent it to me, I decided to bite the bullet and click on the link ...

WestJet passengers travelling from Toronto and Hamilton to Calgary spoke to video kiosks that linked them to a Father Christmas dressed in a blue suit. Mr Christmas asked them what they'd like for Christmas. Some of the present requests included a wide screen television, a tablet, tickets home for Christmas and some new underwear! The WestJet staff then transformed themselves into Father Christmas' elves and ran around a shopping mall purchasing these sought after presents for their customers...including the underwear! The presents were then all wrapped and ready to deliver to the customers through the luggage carousel, on anticipation of their arrival at Calgary. The amount of cheers and tears that arose when the presents arrived, without a doubt, will have had a big tug on the heart strings for both the airline staff and the viewers watching the video. I know our household was certainly overwhelmed by what we had seen - we all had tears in our eyes when we saw the reactions of the passengers!

Thank goodness I went ahead and clicked on the link, as I feel this Christmas campaign is truly an education for us all. Alongside this being a fantastic example of spreading the Christmas spirit to others, it is an incredible marketing tool for the company.

"The campaign portrays WestJet pulling out all the stops,
Ensuring their customers' experience is quite the tops,
Yet this is disguised; you're in awe of what you see,
Certainly not a hard sales plug, to no degree.

5.5 minutes of footage is a long time to ensure,
That it's viewers won't find it a lengthy bore,
What a vast amount of brand exposure that really is,
That's only made successful through a marketing whizz.

The execution of the'stunt' was second to none,
Showing that WestJet airline is a whole lot of fun,
One million video watchers, on its second day online,
That's a really impressive figure, even for Vine."

What do you think of this viral marketing tool? Does this make you want to fly with WestJet?

Over and Out

Steph - The Marketing Assistant


(P.S watch the video for yourself: cbsnews.com/news/westjets-holiday-video-becomes-an-online-sensation)