On the fourth day of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas

"On the fourth day of Christmas,
My true love sent to me,
2013's most talked about Facebook Topics,
An ode on Christmas adverts,
A cap on children's spending
And a Christmas card of a celebrity family"

Facebook is like chocolate. It is both bad and good for you at the same time. On the one hand it distracts children from doing their homework, wakes you up at night, causes rifts at your dinner table, but on the other it encourages the moral values of liking, giving and sharing with friends... If you're an avid Facebooker yourself you may be thinking: I already know all of this, though, it may be of interest to see what your 'peers' have been discussing...

Here are the top 10 most talked about Facebook Topics (Worldwide) in 2013:

  • 1) Pope Francis
  • 2)Election (referring to many countries')
  • 3)The Royal Baby
  • 4)Typhoon Haiyan
  • 5)Margaret Thatcher
  • 6)The Harlem Shake
  • 7)Miley Cyrus
  • 8)Boston Marathon
  • 9)Tour de France
  • 10)Nelson Mandela

Here are the top 10 most talked about Facebook topics in the UK in 2013:

  • 1)Andy Murray
  • 2)Margaret Thatcher
  • 3)Champions League final
  • 4)Prince George
  • 5)Sir Alex Ferguson
  • 6)Call Of Duty: Ghosts
  • 7)England retain the Ashes
  • 8)X-Factor
  • 9)The Bedroom Tax
  • 10)Grand Theft Auto V

As you can see the only overlaps are Margaret Thatcher and the Royal Baby. Due to the high popularity and demand for Facebook in the UK, do you think these listings say something about the interests of the nation?

It is interesting to think that:

- The Royal Baby is more widely discussed worldwide on Facebook, than in the UK itself.

-2/5 of the UK's most talked about Facebook topics is sports related.

-1/5 of the UK's most talked about Facebook topics are games.

What do you think? Are there any topics you are surprised haven't been included?

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