On the fifth day of Christmas

On the fifth day of Christmas

"On the fifth day of Christmas,
My true love sent to me,
2014's web design extinctions,
2013's most talked about Facebook Topics,
An ode on Christmas adverts,
A cap on children's spending,
And a Christmas card of a celebrity family"

If web design was the animal world, it may be of interest to you to find out what trends are predicted to go extinct in 2014.

Consider the following extinction candidates:

  • Homepage 'sliding' banners - The Honey Bee
  • Extensive 'Fill-Out' forms – The Edible Frog
  • Circular 'Script' logos - The Clouded Leopard
  • Flash intros - The Female Impala
  • Too 'many' fonts - The Tree Frog
  • Complicated design - The Carolina Dog
  • The brightly coloured Honey Bee, at first appears great
    Looking informative and interactive, he’s sure to find a mate
    Yet after a while, they’re a nuisance more than ever
    Single page scrolling in 2014, could actually be cleverer!

    Now let’s meet the investigator, the Edible Frog
    In the past he made surfers have so many details to log
    So much that they fear, he’ll have a marketing field day
    Meaning they won’t partake, but instead run away!

    Within graphics the clouded leopard, was once the cool cat
    That doesn’t mean next year, it’ll be something to laugh at
    You may discover that other felines, find it uninspiring
    Over used in extreme, something new now needs hiring!

    Let’s meet the Female Impala, the legendary belle of the ball
    Fun volatile and captivating, you’d think she’s got it all
    However like anyone, is she now past prime time?
    It is thought in ’14, simpler design will be more sublime!

    Undoubtedly, typography is an experimenter’s dream
    Which the Tree Frog, is spoiling, quite frequently it would seem
    You know the design phrase: less is more
    So let’s keep the Tree Frog away, from what you adore!

    Lastly the Carolina Dog, the mother of them all
    A vast amount to offer, too much to enthrall
    If the 2014 predictions are right, her opponent* will be ‘in’
    But if they are wrong, put this article in the bin!

    *simpler design

    Over and Out

    Steph - The Marketing Assistant