"Whatever you do you have to keep moving forward" (Martin Luther King)

The digital marketing scene is always on the change
Whether that be through tools, or platforms, there is quite a range
And at the start of every year new predictions are made
Of what marketers should be doing so that the client is swayed.

This year, interactive experiences, should be put in place
Video clips are a fantastic example to embrace
Think how well Youtube, Vine and Instagram have done
Their popularity and reputations are second to none.

Another point to consider, that we mustn't presume
Is that everyone has their own smart phone, in the room
Marketing campaigns need to work on every device
So that wherever you are, your product will entice.

Through automation we can work in real time, and 'on the fly'
To produce location-based marketing, but you may be thinking- why?
The front-end will then appear more personal, and context-aware
Making the content seem far more relevant; giving it that flair.

Lastly, we as marketers, should deliver attractive content
That isn't solely a hard sales-plug, but instead can represent
The essence of your brand and the dynamism it can provide
Through outsourcing exciting articles and imagery that coincide.