5 Social Media Stats a “Friday” will mean you never stay away!

5 Social Media Stats a “Friday” will mean you never stay away!

Did you know?

  • Longer posts on social media marketing channels tend to be less successful – 100 to 119 characters seem to be the ideal length. I find this very interesting seeing as though Twitter allows 140 characters per tweet – which I’ve always thought to be one of the most concise digital marketing mechanisms. (FYI this bullet point is 251 characters – bad example I know!)
  • Asking questions (hooray I’ve done this) is meant to be a great way of engaging people.
  • About 50% of online customers anticipate companies offering customer service on Facebook, yet less than 50% of brands actually put this into practice. *
  • Pull marketing strategies are just as important as Push marketing strategies. As for all, according to Buffer, 70% of Consumers are said to ‘Trust brand recommendations from friends’ - so why not include posts that you know your friends will appreciate and share with their friends?! If you do this you’ll initially be adopting a pull mechanism, which will transform itself into push marketing when it goes viral! The best of both worlds!
  • And lastly, according to Facebook statistics, 82% of online users use Social Media – so if you can’t get beat them join them

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